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Fire Hazards During The Holidays

When you have an office or commercial building to run, fire maintenance is an important factor. Certain times in the year can increase fire risks and Christmas can be one of them. This is due to the influx of flammable festive items, such as lights, tinsel and excessive electricity being used. If safety measures aren’t thought of properly, things could become hazardous quickly. You need to ensure your company is safe and secure from fire risks by doing safety checks. For instance, one of the more frequent fire risks, are fairy lights. You can lower the chances of anything happening by making sure the bulbs are replaced when needed and the lights are off when colleagues leave the office space and not on overnight. Any flammable materials should be kept away from lights, as well as any heating elements such as radiators. Sockets shouldn’t be overloaded and any Christmas trees in the building should be kept away from heating elements too, as both artificial and real trees can be a fire risk, with the potential to spread through the building.

Fire maintenance is important during any time of the year, but ensuring you double check things especially around this season will protect your colleagues and save any stress. Risk assessments should be done thoroughly, along with fire drills, smoke alarm checks and a fire door inspection to make sure everyone is safe not just during Christmas, but all year round. Call us for all Office maintenance in London.

The Benefits of Proactive Building Maintenance

Keeping your home in good condition is essential to maintain both its value and the comfort of your family. Regular building maintenance can help you stay ahead of any potential problems, saving you time and money in the long run. But what is proactive building maintenance? And how does it differ from reactive building maintenance? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Proactive Building Maintenance?
Proactive building maintenance is a preventative approach to keeping your home in good condition. This type of maintenance involves regularly scheduled inspections and services that are designed to identify potential problems before they cause major damage. This may include things like regular HVAC check-ups, roof inspections, plumbing inspections, or other types of assessments that can identify issues early on. By taking this approach, homeowners can avoid costly repairs down the road and ensure their homes remain safe and comfortable for years to come.

What is Reactive Building Maintenance?
Reactive building maintenance, on the other hand, is when repairs are done after something has already gone wrong. This type of repair work tends to be more expensive because it often involves fixing damage that has already been done as well as addressing the underlying issue that caused the problem in the first place. Furthermore, since reactive repairs tend to happen after something has already broken, there’s no guarantee that further damage won’t occur before the repair job is completed.

Why Proactive Building Maintenance Is Better
Proactive building maintenance offers many advantages over reactive repair work. For one thing, proactively maintaining your home helps keep costs down by preventing damage from occurring in the first place which can save thousands of dollars over time. Additionally, proactive building maintenance ensures that any issues are addressed promptly before they become worse – reducing disruption and allowing homeowners to enjoy their homes without worry or hassle. Finally, regular inspections make it much easier for homeowners to plan ahead and budget accordingly because they know exactly what needs to be done each year and how much it will cost them.

Overall, proactive building maintenance offers numerous benefits over reactive repair work. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your home in good condition while ensuring any potential issues are identified early on so they don’t cause major damage later on down the line. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your home safe and comfortable for years to come—proactive building maintenance may be just what you need. Call Advanced BML for all Reactive maintenance in Essex.

The Importance Of Surge Protection

When a lot of electricity is flowing it can cause an electrical surge. This can be due to dodgy wiring, old appliances, tripped circuits or even lightning. Most of the time this can be stopped from having the right wiring and appliances that are checked properly, but unfortunately sometimes lightning or even power surges can be unpredictable. This is why we need to protect our homes or businesses with surge protection. Surge protectors (such as business or whole home) can be connected to the electrical service panel from the building. This can stop surges going through the circuit and therefore helping to protect the appliance that is being used (which can be a few within a business!)

Another type of surge protector is an outlet protector, which is smaller and can only be used for things plugged in to it directly. They are generally found in extension leads and will limit any issues. Using surge protectors can help lower the risk of any safety hazards, such as a fire risk, as well as saving money from constant repairs. This is particularly more expensive for a business, as it can set a company back a lot of money if their electricity doesn’t work efficiently, call today for all planned maintenance andBuilding services Alarm testing in London.

Why Is Gas Maintenance Crucial?

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your own home or for a professional environment when gas safety is involved. There are many reasons why checks should be done and health and safety is one of them. Fire risks and gas leaks are dangerous and regular maintenance can help to prevent this, which in turn will help to keep your family and colleagues safe. Maintenance will also help with energy efficiency, due to the boiler running properly and less likely to waste energy and therefore money. It’s not just the boiler that needs checking, anything that uses gas (such as cookers, heater and hobs) or anything connected such as pipes and flues, should be serviced. Doing so ensure safety and if there is anything amiss, a professional will be able to give you advice. You can be assured that everything is working as it should.

Getting regular checks is important, with a gas inspection at least once a year. Due to the warmer weather, you may think as you’re not using it as much (due to no fire being turned on, or heating turned off) then you don’t have to worry. However, issues can still arise and need to be checked to ensure there are no problems leading into the winter and keep things running efficiently and safely. Call us for all Property Maintenance in London.

How Important Is Water Treatment?

Whether or not it is for commercial reasons, if you are responsible for residents or staff on the property, you need to ensure everything is thoroughly checked, including the water! Water is needed for washing, heating and drinking and it needs to be safe to use. By not having it treated, a water system can have a build-up of scaling or sludge, which can cause obstructions and issues with the system. It could even completely breakdown, meaning your property will be without. This means it could be a financial issue due to the likelihood of a large bill from repair work.

It is particularly risky with commercial steam boilers, due to the impurity development that can lead to bad results, along with a build-up of bacteria. A particularly harmful bacteria is legionella, which can appear where there is water, such as unclean air conditioners, heaters or plumbing in general. It can be spread through droplets and make people unwell, which can then lead to legal problems if there are maintenance issues. Risk assessments should be taken in places where water is used and should be a sanitised environment. Luckily with water treatments it can help prevent this bacteria from spreading and reoccurring. This can range from chemical treatments to the more eco-friendly non-chemical choices (such as AOT). Call us for all your Property Maintenance in London.

The Benefits Of Ventilation Systems

The act of ventilation, is when outdoor (‘clean’) air is given to an area, whilst ‘stale’ air is taken away. Generally, ventilation is needed for both industrial and commercial buildings, so the quality of indoor air is controlled to make it easier to breathe, as well as keeping our energy bills down. Ventilation helps to limit pollutants, moisture and bacteria in the atmosphere, whilst humidity, temperature (which can be uncomfortable to work in if it’s too stuffy) and the motion of air is made a priority.

Ventilation is important, as if we’re working indoors for long periods of time, it can be bad for our health if we have poor air circulation. The chance of condensation will also be lowered, which can also be a hazard towards our health, with the risk of mould and mildew developing, which can cause respiratory issues.

With this is mind you should contact a professional, who will give you advice on the sort of ventilation system that will be right for you and your colleagues work space. If everyone is comfortable and feeling looked after, the atmosphere will be more relaxed with a boost in production levels. Call us today for Building services Air-conditioning in Essex.

The Benefits Of Commercial CCTV

As someone who owns a company, safety will be a priority, particularly if you have staff. Having a security system like CCTV will help with security, as well as helping to keep your company running efficiently and smoothly. It can help to deter any potential theft or vandalism, as well as providing the evidence needed, particularly if you need proof for any insurance claims and lowering premiums. CCTV in the building can help to keep an eye on safety and work efficiency, as well as putting your mind at ease.

Any intruders should be discouraged from trying anything after spotting the CCTV, particularly as they won’t want to be on camera from the inside and the outside. Evidence will be saved if you need to give any. Knowing you have the ability to keep your company safe will give your management of the business a lift, help with work efficiency and keep your staff safe and assured when they come in to work. For more details on CCTV installations and all Building maintenance in Essex, call us today.

The Importance of Testing Your Fire Alarms

A company needs inspections to ensure their fire safety isn’t neglected and a fire safety scheme should be put in place. The regular checks will help to put minds at rest and keep employees safe, as well as giving evidence that these things are being done, which means the authorities will be happy to let the company carry on.

There are some things that can cause issues, such as debris and dust which can damage the detectors, vandalism and water causing electrical hazards. By having tests done both electrically and visually, it will make sure these things shouldn’t happen.

You need to make sure these checks are done, as if your fire systems are found to be dangerous, too old or not correct, you could be looking at your business potentially not happening, fines, or even prison time. If someone was to get hurt, then you may be looking at legal issues and even if no-one got hurt, you may have a loss of possessions if it was to cause damage. You may not get any pay out from insurance due to not getting it regularly maintained. So, getting it regularly checked professionally will benefit everyone both financially and health and safety wise.

It need not take you much time to co-ordinate. The maintenance can be left to a professional company such as ourselves with engineers trained in all aspects of fire safety law and best practice who will supply you with the relevant paperwork so that all you need to do is file it.
Another important point to mention is that in case of a fire, however small, your insurance provider might not cover the damage if you cannot show proof that you have sufficiently tested and maintained the systems. This is also important if you want to limit your liability when it comes to your employees. For Fire alarm maintenance and all planned Building maintenance in London call us today.

The Advantages of Reactive Maintenance in Retail

There will be times when you may have to close for reasons beyond your control, such as repair work. Unfortunately, if this happens often, it can change how your customers feel about your business. You might find they go elsewhere to shop; therefore, you are losing profit and regular customers. To limit this happening, you need to have a plan for ‘reactive maintenance’. This will help to sort any unforeseen issues and have as little disturbance as possible. Financially there won’t be too much expense until there is an issue. The only thing you need to know is who to get hold of if there is a problem.

When you are looking after a business, you will have your hands full. You will find that you need to think and plan things with care and organisation. Your staff will be running around taking care of problems and trying to get hold of contractors. However, with reactive maintenance, it means you don’t need to worry about planning, as it is only needed when something actually happens. This can reassure you that if there are any issues, you will have help if you need it. If it is paired with ‘planned maintenance’ then it will cover all aspects of breakdown issues. Call Advanced BML today for all your reactive maintenance in Essex.

The Advantages Of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular service will help an air conditioning system to continue operating successfully, with a high performance rate.

By having it checked, there is less chance of it getting blocked, and the condenser coils getting grimy. If problems like these arise, then it has to push and overwork itself. This can mean energy is used up unnecessarily, therefore raising your bills and potentially affecting the environment.

Consistent checks will allow the life of the machinery to lengthen. Although there is a limitation to how long it’ll keep going for, if you are attentive and careful, the system can continue to work. Any defective part can affect this, so the quicker you get this sorted, the more efficiently it’ll run. Regular checks will ensure you will have less reason to need emergency fixing, therefore being costly.

One example of a particular part that might need checking is the filter. If you think the system isn’t working correctly, then it is easy to remove the panel. There will be a layer of dust if there is a build up. The more there is, the harder it is for the filter to work. It needs to be clear for it to successfully cleanse the air through it.

How often you get maintenance depends on what type of system it is, how old it is and how often it’s used. If you require building maintenance for your Air Conditioning in London, the best thing to do is get advice from an expert.

A Safety Manager’s Role in Facility Management

One of the highest priority in a workplace is safety maintenance. This is important in facility management as it can help defend employees from any risks that may come their way, limiting the chance of injury or a claim from an accident.

The safety manager is skilled in health and safety, going by legal requirements. They can run inspections that assess the overall condition of the workplace, the organisation and any appliances that may affect safety. Professional maintenance employees are asked to pass on anything they may have observed, and to give any advice on any possible hazard outcomes, with a new system created to deal with these problems.

After this is evaluated by higher management, the safety manager can now consult with the facility managers, in order to train staff and make sure everyone can respond to any events that may happen in a professional and safe manner. For more information on building maintenance in Essex call us today.

Benefits of running a maintenance service

There are many reasons why running a maintenance service on your property is beneficial. Here are five to start:

1. Saves money
2. Increases the life expectancy of your assets
3. Improves safety and working conditions
4. Your property is kept in good order
5. Prevents costly large-scale repairs

The Facilities Event 2019 reveals an expert line-up

This week’s professional seminar held from 9th - 11th April 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham, has an impressive list of speakers such as thinkers, idea-generators, and FM experts have been confirmed by the organisers.

This event is free to attend and will be delivered from The Facilities Hub, a central theatre. It will feature eighteen sessions by the UK’s FM industry’s most knowledgeable professionals today.

The ‘five pillars of FM’ will be a main focus and the session content is CPD accredited. The five pillars cover key elements such as cleaning services, catering, property management, security, and support & technology services.

Fire regulation changes for High rise buildings in London

As a result of the Grenfell Tower fire, builders who are unable to protect residents in high-rise buildings will not able to get away scot-free. It is learnt that owners of private towers with coating like Grenfell Tower are living with the fear a fire could also break out in their own tower. Councils are reportedly stepping in and helping fix these towers to prevent any more tragedies.

Up to 15 apartment block owners are being tricky to be persuaded in taking safety action, studies show that 1 in 10 of these towers have ACM panels that are similar to the panels that helped advance the fire can be engaged by the council.

If you would like to speak with one of our team about Planned building maintenance in London, then call 01621 772058 today.

Office Maintenance in London

When you run a busy office-based business, one of the last things you want to think about is general office building maintenance.

Ignoring proper maintenance of your office space could actually be breaking the terms of your office lease, not to mention risking your business going out of action altogether.

If you have concerns over electrical safety, structural problems or other things that may risk your employee’s safety, your business could be shut down – temporarily or in some cases permanently.

Running regular checks of your office space can help highlight current and potential problems – you can then report these issues to your maintenance company.

For professional office maintenance in London, contact Advanced Building Management first.

Carillion collapse discussed in Parliament.

Using contractors to try and drive down the cost of Public services, has been branded "folly" an official report has stated. A parliamentary committee for public administration and constitutional affairs has been reading through an official report into the Carillion collapse and it states there are flaws in the way that contracts are awarded, due to an aggressive approach to risk.

Decision makers often misunderstood the differences in quality provided by different bidders to a contract, because decisions were being made primarily upon price. Sometimes it accepted bids lower than the actual cost of providing the service, making renegotiation of the contract a regular and expensive occurrence.

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